Colin Brooks, Ed Jurdi and Gordy Qusit, this band has these young, hungry and blaze-hearted singer-songwriters, and guitar players. After two live records and a lot of shows, finally they got two fine musicians, bass player, Seth Whitney, then drummer, John Chipman as permanent members. Now they had turned into a real-band in name and in reality and put out this first studio recoring produced by Ray Wylie Hubbard, who is the Texas groovibe doctor.

It's kind of a celebration with great guests. Patty Griffin sings on 3 songs, Stephen Bruton on mandolin for 2 songs, Gurf Morlix, who also mastered this record, plays pump organ on 1 song, Hubbard sings and plays slide guitar solo on 1 song. There are three singer-songwriters with real ability in the band with outstanding songs. One thing I want to note is some songs which were co-written by members like Jurdi, Quist and all three together. Three unique guitar players in the band make the guitars the center of their music. Especially Brooks plays impressive dobro and lap steel. Then some piano and organ by Jurdi enrich the sound. Chipman who has gained a lot of experience with the Resentments provides tight and sometimes laid-back rhythm. Whitney grooves to provode a solid foundation. Three effective lead singers in the band are so strong ; deep-dark, mysterious Brooks, blue-eyed soulful Jurdi and dusty, wild Texan Quist make "Jackson Station " a knockout song. These three take lead vocal in succession on this song.

They produce no-boundaries music with rock, soul, country and blues from the traditionally of American. We know what kind of music they love by listening to this record. But it never is an imitation or looking back to the good old 70s. It's their respect and appreciation of the great gifts of the pasts. It looks like they contact with the history by playing their music. There's silent passion from the deep bottom of this record. Like a branch of a huge tree, like a tributary of a big river, this record displays their respect to the music which America has spawned. Now is the time for "The First Waltz".

Shuichi "Zapato" Iwami

PS : This last line, Now is the time for "The First Waltz" is Not comparison. And first of all, Heathens is Heathens. That band, The Band is true classic. I think no one can not be "NEW " The Band, probably forever. But some one might be the successor. I just thought this is the Another, and First Waltz.




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